Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last bits of pooly beachside goodness!

Who doesn't love a good hot tub?
 and some poolside games?

 and who doesn't love playing in the pool?

Who doesn't love snow cones?

Who doesn't love a loggerhead sea turtle nest?
Who doesn't love non stinging Jellies?
And who does not love sand castles?
and wicked big fountains with palm tree's



Theresa said...

I can't imagine anyone not liking ALL of those things!!!

Looks like a great trip!!!

I especially loved the loggerhead sea turtles nest. Were the eggs in there? Were they protected? I would LOVE to see those baby sea turtles walk down the beach!

mamak said...

I guess the eggs were in there just waiting for the right time to hatch, and yes they are a protected species. I would LOVE to be there on hatching day and it would be my job to scare those blood thirsty seagulls off!