Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a weird and amazing day..

So it all stated about 5:00 a.m. I kept hearing the baby birds thumping and scuttling in their boxes. I thought that the geese had spilled the water, or were trying to swim in it, again.. So I finally got up to go see/ refill water/shut them up.
Boy, I am glad I went. When I got to the box, I saw the little female, Mary had gotten her neck in between the flaps of the cardboard box, and was hanging. I scooped her out and there she lay, lifeless in my hands. Eyes fixed, no thumping in the chest, no breathing.
 I really did not think or decide, I just did it.
I put her beak in my mouth and give quick short breaths. I knew the air was expanding her chest. After about 5 breathes, I stopped, and started jostling her in my hands.
I gave another round of breathes and rubbed her, and gently shook her. I stopped and waited a second.
And it started.
 The erratic very slow beginnings of a heartbeat.
More breaths, more rapid heartbeats.
A few more breathes.
Very faintly a peep, and then louder.
She began to very wobbly move her head all around, her body jerked a little. I feared brain damage from lack of oxygen.
But within minutes, she was steady, talkative, and getting a drink of water.
Kaya had joined me by then, as he heard all the peeping. I told him what happened, and he was amazed, as was I.
 We immediately taped up the seems, and will always remember this hazard.
You have to baby proof!
Then later in the morning, Ev went to get boots out of the mud room, and found the butterfly habitat that we were watching for a friend who winters away. Nothing had happened in so long, that I stopped checking more than a month ago.
He came tromping up with the habitat, and said, "Where did you get this butterfly?"
Wouldn't you know, that inside was a very beautiful spice bush swallowtail.
How long has that been there?
And why did Evren even check it out this day after months of ignoring it?
So we gave it an orange,

 and then released it a little later.

Such a weird, wonderful, beautiful day.

Next, Ev and I hiked up to the barn to feed the animals, and then went out to check the deer camera that we set a few days back. You know, after the last fox attack...

The chickens were finally gone after a two day wait.

We got our chicken killer on camera!

Then we saw this picture of him snarling at something.

We wondered who else wanted a piece?
It was that masked bandit!

 That is what today has been, just awesome.
I think I will buy a lottery ticket....
What a weird and amazing day.


Stephanie said...

Nice!! :D

I love those "Wow!!" days. Such good stuff.

Helena said...

Unbelievable and wonderful and beautiful, all wrapped up together! How incredible, to bring something back to life. Just stunning. And how extraordinary, to see new life, and life at night, and marvels marvels everywhere. You ARE filled to bursting with luck :) I am so happy for you!

julie said...

You are amazing for saving that little ducks life!! Such fun surprises in you day!!