Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What we are liking Homeschool wise...

We have settled into being relaxed homeschoolers, and we are liking the fit so far. As Marlin ages, she craves to spell well and read from various sources on so many topics. She is currently obsessed with the BBC production series of Merlin. I have to say, we all love it. We watch it every night together. This has spurred an interest in castles, King Arthur, sorcery, alchemy, and France, as that is where they are shooting the castle scenes for Camelot.

She is trying very hard to convince us that we should stop over there on our next trip to Turkey. We just may..
She, as well as Kaya, are working on their skills on a website called StudyLadder.
It seems to be such a good fit for them, and they are so smitten with their newly acquired skills. They really love the math.
Marlin has been enjoying writing in her journal a few times a week about whatever is in her head at the moment. I love that she lets me read it. It is interesting to see how she views the world, and what is important to her. She is currently reading Book 2 of the Seekers series. She is also reading Music of the Dolphins.
 She loves to cook!

She cooked up some apples in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. I decided for this post that I would title this recipe, "Frog Crapples"
C'mon, it stands for Frog Creek Apples.
Kaya is still working on his reading. It comes harder for him. He is so happy when he masters another book, and getting to the next higher number.
"Mom! Look at how high the number is!"
 He has been using  BOB books with much success, and he reads me a book or two every day. He also enjoys practicing his writing by making up funny (to him) sentences, and then copying them. They often involve a swear, farting, star wars characters, and butts.
You know, boy humor.
 Evren just plays.

He likes to sit in and watch the other kids do some computer lessons. He picks a lot  up in this way. He has taught himself much math and letter sounds this way. He has his own Study ladder account and plays on there when he wants to. He likes being read to through out the day. He loves writing his letters, and seeing what they spell. Once, by a totally random act, he wrote ASS.

 He asked if he spelled anything, and was beyond elated to discover he could indeed spell that word! So trying to produce more of that is where he is at. He also is an avid lego builder, online dinosaur gamer, and explorer of the property. He also likes to cook,  peel vegetables, and chop with the largest knife we own. He is very busy with imaginative play, 'speriments, and inventing. And I think he should be doing plenty of that.
We LOVE our science from our subscription with the young scientist club.
We love watching so many documentaries on so many topics. History, science, animals, cultures, environmental, art, just about anything can be found on Netflix.
So those are some of the things that we are enjoying in our day.
Do you have any gems that you and your kids enjoy? We like cool things that excite others, and would love to check it out!
So tell us about what you enjoy!

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