Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend run through!

But first, some older pictures..
Homeschoolers take over the pool!

35 of them!
And one especially cute one..

Yard riding!
Missed capturing Evren. He is such a cowboy on that pony.
Big Addy has a Birthday!
I love how they sing the birthday song. Ev is a heavy metal mosh pit kind of guy, and Kaya raps it. Marlin is just kinda normal...

Dad received some very practical gifts this year...

 A BBQ cleaner brush which was much needed, and a sprinkler for all those flowers and veggies he tends to.
We went Ramp picking, minus Marlin who was at a sleepover.


Planning on cooking them up tonight with some potatoes and bacon.
Went back to the Ren Faire for the afternoon on Saturday. I think we will skip the discounted school day next year and apply the cost to the open to the public weekend. The things that make me want to do this was that there were public people in really cool garb interacting with each in humorous ways, there were many more performances, there was better food choices and vendors, and um there was beer. It was good that we went back again.
On this trip we saw a comedy show/theatre bit,

 A rat circus,

 Kaya got a big pickle,
Marlin danced in the street,

Ev talked to nice strangers with Scottish accents. She taught him how to make elephant noises.
We shopped for more weapons.

They both settled on marshmallow shooting crossbows.

We saw the king speak,

and Robin Hood battle. Ev played with the insane but kid friendly battle horse.

It was a pretty good weekend.

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