Thursday, May 19, 2011

So much already!

And it's only 12:25 p.m!
 Well, now it's 2:35p.m. We had to have an adventure mid post.
 Anyway, I woke up early this morning and found myself alone. After catching up on email. I noticed how cluttered some areas in the kitchen had become.

So I got on it!
While I was organizing, I started thinking about the art room, It has become a place that the kids just do not gravitate to anymore. They are not into arts and crafts lately. They like to draw, and water color, but not into the crafty crafty things. So the art room kinda morphed into this,

 for the time being.
Still not really being used... Actually the whole downstairs is hardly ever used...
I am sure that will change as they grow and desire their own spaces.
Anyway, I decided to bring up the little storage thingie that contains thousands of crayons, colored pencils and markers. I figured it would get more use up here, where they are. I cleaned out the twirly box that contains various workbooks.

 That twirly box can be found at Staples. We like the twirly box.
Pretty soon that disheveled area transformed into this,

and this.

Still looks a little cluttered, but better!
 I really need to go through the games with the kids. We don't play a ton of games, I am sure there are some we can let go of.
Then the kids awoke and discovered all those old workbooks!

Then they discovered that yesterday their monthly Little Passports subscription came.

 This time it was France!

Then the mailman arrived with a special package... Our baby chicks and two geese have arrived.

So we had to run around and get them all set up as I was not prepared for them. I expected them tomorrow or Saturday.
 The geese have had names before we got them. They decided to name them Mary and Billy, after Billy the Exterminator show...
Yes, it's true..
So I headed up to the barn to spread around lunch and good cheer, only to discover the fox visited. Three chickens down again...
BUT as I looked around I found that the perpetrator was still with us! That hungry fox could not figure how to get back out! I grabbed a few big rocks and chucked them at him.
 But I missed. I called the dogs and got them in. I kept trying to point at the fox, but the damn dogs thought that I wanted to play or throw something. They were doing goofy things like trying to give me their paw, and lie down.
Finally they spotted him and gave chase but the fox found a way out. I opened the fence as quick as I could and the dogs took off  in full pursuit. They came home a half hour later sweaty and exhausted, but no evidence of a foxly demise.
Kaya and I went for a hike around, and for body recovery. We did not find a thing. We heard a bunch of crow activity and hiked 10 minutes out. No fox, or chicken, but we were able to see the crows harassing a huge Great Horned Owl. That was nice surprise.
For us.
We get back to the barn to discover that one of the chicken bodies was taken out of the plastic bag we put it in!
Was it the Fox or Odie dog?
Time will tell..
I think we may do another deer cam project..
 You know how it goes around here..


Rosemarie said...

The Little Passports looks so cool. Do they love it?

Sorry about the chicks!

mamak said...

Rose, they do like little passports. It's pretty light. Mostly just fun. They love getting mail and seing what trinkets form that country they got. Japan and Brazil was fun, but France was, Meh..
The little chicks are good. The fox stole the big chickens!

Stephanie said...

A productive day!

I know how you love organizing/reorganizing! :)