Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing too much..

There is nothing too much going on here. The weather has been blah, rainy, pretty chilly for the middle of May. Yesterday it registered at a mere 57 here. The garden is suffering. So much rain, lack of heat and sun, cold nights.
But I am not complaining too much.
 I am so grateful that we do not face deadly tornados.
What's a little rain, right?
So let's see what we have caught on film these last few days...
Well, two more chickens who did not die in the second fox attack, but were injured, died.
 Seems to be some sort of macabre theme as of late.
We tried a technique to save them, but it did not work.
 Their crops somehow got impacted. Maybe stress from the attack, a puncture, we never figured it out. But we read that there was two ways to sort it out. One is two cut open the crop, empty it, sew it up.
 The other was to dose with olive oil, massage, and try to hold the chicken upside down to help them regurgitate.
 We went with option one.

We dosed, and massaged.
 It did not work and both chickens did die in the end.
 If we face this dilemma again, we'll try the other way...
So Ev and I night hiked,

and put them in front of the camera.
Unfortunately the head is out of frame, but it was a coyote!

Our flock is crazy small now. Two roosters, a duck,  a young laying hen, and Limpy.

 Limpy is an old, no longer laying, survivor of three predator attacks. Her leg was broken in the first attack long ago, and it sticks out at a weird angle. I don't know how she just keeps on making it.
but she does.
The Creek!

It's tadpole city!

So much fun to watch them change.

who come to eat,  catch tadpoles, and watch Addy get stung.
He really needs a full bee suit,  as they keep crawling up his pants.
 If he gets nicknamed Addy 3 balls, you'll know why.
 These two started a fire going from pretty much dying embers.

They were so busy, and so happy with their success.

 We adopted a new bird.
Meet Artie:

He is a Budgie from Craigslist.
We have quickly begun to tame him.

He is Ev's favorite little thing right now.

 And Ev has discovered the game of marbles!

The sun is making in/out appearances today! It's supposed to be 80, and probably very muggy as it is like a rainforest here.
But we'll take it!
We are going OUT.


Lisa said...

so sorry to hear about the attacks and loss of chicks. i think we need to head to the creek and find some tadpoles ourselves. they are so fun to watch.
we are going to go out today, too!

Helena said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your chooks, mamak. Yes, that's the name for them here in Oz. Chooks. Perhaps your remaining ones might cheer up from losing so many buddies if you came striding towards them, calling Chook! Chook! Choook! It's an idea, anyway :)

I really hope the remaining flock thrives and that you have no more nasty visitors. Your Limpy is one tenacious critter. THREE attacks and still going! That's really impressive.

I love your pics of the creek—makes me want to visit this minute. And I KNOW those friends of yours!! How lovely that you guys get to hang out. Big pang of, "Oh! I wish I could be there TOOOO!" (And have some Turkish apple tea with you, check out the tadpoles, chill out with people I've come to think of as friends—would be lovely).

Have a beautiful day!

Jessica said...

Nothing too much?? Seriously?? You always have so much going on but you manage to remain in a peaceful state. I hope to get to that place someday. Can't wait to meet the new yellow-guy!

Andrea said...

I am very sorry about the loss of your chickens, especially after heroic efforts to save them. And wow, what a cool new bird. I don't know if I could be a bird-in-the-house pet owner. But it does look kinda fun!