Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Organizational helps

 I am going to start adding tips and useful things that have worked for me in my never ending quest for simplicity, and organization. I think Moms have it hard trying to look after everything, and everyone under their care. I know that I have tried to find anything under the sun that promised to help me streamline my life. From meal planners, to routines, and family calendars, I have tried SO many. I want to share what worked and what was a flop. I often find helpful products while reading others experiences, and so I am going unleash as well.
Be ready to behold. I am an organization, de-cluttering junkie.. I have a feeling so many of us are. Maybe you'll find something wonderful here, maybe you know of something that has changed your world. If you do, leave it in the comments. I love discovering knew things, and nothing is better than a Mamas word that it works!
So anyway, for the past year, I have been slowly taking small steps in becoming a much more organized person. For my whole life I have been plagued with being a sort of fly by the seat of my pants type of girl. I hate that feeling, and it's not ever going to work when you are in charge of a few other peoples schedules.  I have gotten much better since becoming a Mom. I make sure things get put down in the calendar so we do not miss important things like appointments, play dates, and other fun or mundane events. I used to hand write in a filofax. I still have it even though I do not use it. I loved it's cranberry leather and I actually liked the tactile feel of writing in it. 
But alas, I am also kind of a geek. I have a smart phone, and the thought of carrying around the bulky Filo when my relatively slim phone could handle it all was pretty unappealing. So I started using ical. It was magical with it's reminders that I could set an hour or a half hour before an event so I could get all of our butts in the car. I struggle a bit with time management as well, sigh.. Then someone turned me onto to Cozi. They have a family calendar which is also app'ed out for iphone and I believe other smart phones. What this does that ical did not was email out the whole calendar weekly to Addy so that he can see what is happening. I very rarely hear what are we/you guys up to this week? He also has the ability to add himself into the calendar from where ever he is. The only thing I hate is that unlike ical you can't set little alarm reminders. It will only email you reminders which is so lame and pointless because you have to check your email in order to be reminded. Umm... Not very useful. I hope with time, Cozi will add this feature. Cozi has other neat things on it's site, Fly lady stuff ( I'll get to her eventually), meal planning, and helpful articles.. Check it out, it may help organize yo'self.
Any other sites that you like, that I should check out? I 'd love nothing more than to see them...
What topic should I hit next? Meals, house cleaning, de-cluttering, less is more?....


Jessica said...

I love the changes you are making. I just read the About Me page and it is wonderful!

mamak said...

Aww thanks! I still don't know exactly what I am doing here...seems to be a recurring theme.