Monday, May 2, 2011

New Bee's

Our Bee's from last year did not survive our arctic winter.
So we ordered up a new and better bee box. Painted it,

and waited for Addy to come home after work with twenty thousand new bee's to pollinate our world. It's a really neat hobby. The kids were kind of interested last year, but this year they have requested bee suits of their own. They want in on the action!

We set up the new box, and it was time to dump in the bee's and lock them in for two days so they would settle in.
Smoke them down,

dump them in.

And keep your distance!

They are kind of grumpy at this time...
We waited a few days, and it was time to release the Queen from her little cage.

 The cage keeps the queen in one place so the hive stays. Once she is released she can get back to her scheduled activities, making more bee's. It was also time to open the hive door, and let the bee's come and go.

They need to collect food and start building up the honey comb.
Kaya got the brave job of scraping off the cling ons.

I am not fond of that job..
Sometimes they try to fly at the scraper.
 It's true!
I wish these bee's much success!


Jessica said...

I wish you lots of honey!

Andrea said...

So sad that you lost all of your bees. The new box looks lovely, and it is so cool that the kids want in on it! Best wishes for those new bees!!