Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last of the deer camera project!

All you squeamish and vegan friends can now return to visiting in relative safety!
Well, all of the remains have been eaten, and for that I am grateful.
Remember, how whatever ate all the chickens the night my camera malfunctioned declined eating the sickly two day dead chicken? Remember how I pondered what would be desperate enough to eat that chicken?
 Perhaps a Vulture or other non discriminatory creature?
 It was my own dang dog!
He ate that old sick bird up.
Darn domesticated dummy.
So I had to reset everything, again. Keep the dog in for the night to avoid the invitation to all you can eat. Lucky me found a dead mole in the grass on my way up, so I put it like a little cherry on the top of the remaining scraps.

 How can anything resist?
The next morning revealed....

A true Bandit.
 I will always wonder what we missed that night the camera wonked out, maybe it was a Yeti!
But in the end, it was just cool and right walking out into the woods in the crisp early morning air. Exploring and enjoying it all while the other kids in town were getting on the bus. Walking back home and chatting about all kinds of things, all excited and ready for breakfast together.
That's why I really loved this project.
I guess I don't really know who to thank.
The chickens or the fox.


Stephanie said...

Reminds me of the zen story - the good luck/bad luck one. :)

that's the way it works, huh?

thanks for sharing all this with us! we loved tagging along!

Stephanie said...
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Andrea said...

I love your bandit picture! Dang dog is right! Mine would have done the same; I constantly battle to keep her out of the chicken poop. Your project was so cool, and inspired many of us, I mean, I think everyone wants a special night camera now. Thanks for the fun adventure.

Helena said...

This one made me smile so wide! The dang dog. So funny. And yes, now I can stop peeking through my fingers at your posts :)

I love the image of you all walking through the woods afterwards. Everything crisp and clear. Everyone energised and excited. Bliss.

Every time I visit here, I get the same energy. The same positive sense of Lift. I feel so lucky for that, and for having found you. Thank you!