Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy to be their mom

Today I received the royal treatment! Breakfast in bed, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Then my Husband cleaned my kitchen!
 There is no better gift.
We took our annual trip to pick out flowers,

We planted them,

We fed chickens,

We decorated a sign,

We went to the bakery,

We whipped creamed,

We ate a dinner that included ribs, with MY Mom!
We then ate delicious cupcakes,

Some in bed cause they were so very tired,
Got to speak with my little Nephew in Hawaii. He sang to me, two songs. He told me he loved me like 4 times, and he wished me a happy Mother's day. I miss him. His chatting away made me happy. I hope that we see him again soon, and then soon again after that.
We recovered, 

and it was a happy, happy day. It was spent with the people that I love the most.
I love you guys, so much.

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Helena said...

What a beautiful day! I love the cupcake in bed photo, especially :) Your day looked so happy, busy in the best way, and full to bursting with love. Thanks so much for sharing it—Happy Mother's Day!