Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good times!

I found a misplaced SD card in the way back of drawer I was cleaning out the other day. I popped it in the camera, and was so happy to discover a few lost images from our most awesome trip to the Magic Kingdom two years ago! There are a lot of post in that month (May 2009) about our trip. If you are planning on going, there are some good tips in those posts....

Look how little they were!

We really had the best time there,

it is still one of our most talked about vacations.

We have been saving our pennies in a huge water jug so we can make our return in a couple of years.

 We didn't even get to hit the water parks on our first tour!
Plus, Ev did not get a chance to go on the big boy rides. Those rides were the best.
We can't wait!


Sarah said...

Oh we went to Disney last year and it is so much fun, hate to be cliche, but it truly is "magical"! Loved looking at your memories!

Stephanie said...

Aaaw! Ev looks the same, though! Which is funny, because the other day I was revisiting blog from four years ago, and Maddie looks the same, too! :)
(and Trevy, too, though he's taller!)

Stephanie said...

Yay for happy and found photos!