Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Disappointment on the Creek!

We went to check on our project this morning, and we so excited to see that something had either come back, or something else discovered our chickens, and really had a feast!

They ate three out four chickens.
 The very interesting thing was that they had left the chicken who was a few days dead, and died in an unhealthy way. Very smart creatures..
We brought the camera back to the house hooked it up to the TV to only discover that the camera malfunctioned and we did not capture what ate the remains.
I am mad/sad/frustrated.
I tried to fix the camera this morning, and although it registers at 90% battery capacity, it takes a few images and then stops. So it seems like it has an issue. I will google away today and see if it is something I can solve, if not, I will have to replace it. We really love that thing. Any how, Kaya, the dogs, and I went back up to see if we could locate any of the remains,

 and put them back in font of the camera to see if we could get any images. You never know, and certainly it's worth a try. Just one cool image would certainly soften the blow! Gross picture coming, beware oh squeamish ones!
Thanks to the dogs we were able to get a body.
I love those dogs.
 By the looks of the scene up there. I would venture a guess that more than one animal paid a visit. The leaves were tussled and disturbed in multiple places, and there were feathers/eating sites in multiple locations. I figure if it were the lone fox, he could not eat that many, plus the dogs were off in so many directions. I could be wrong, it just seemed like they were interested in numerous leads.
We reset the camera with the left over remains. Let's hope that the camera just works a little bit.
I will check it more often today since I know it only takes a few photos and then stops. I will try and reset it on the tree and then split. This should be so much fun since it is pouring out today. I wonder if anything other than a scrappy Vulture will be desperate enough to eat the sick chicken?
Things to ponder...
In other good news, 15 eggs are in the incubator, the temp is steady and if all goes well, and we don't have a major fluctuation, hatching day will be on May 31st.

As always, keep your eyes on the prize.
Or some such.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad they got eaten!!
(Wait.. should I be saying that?)

Sorry 'bout the camera mess - how annoying!

We've been loving vultures, lately...
did you know that they instinctively open their wings wide after they eat, and walk around for a while?... it's so the sun can disinfect their wings of any bacteria they picked up from the dead. cool. :)
(via our visits to the aviary.)

mamak said...

yes! I learned that on your blog, I think or it was a big sur documentary on Netflix? Very cool. I love juicy facts like that. I am also very glad the my chickens life gave to the energy of some other. It's all good. Kind off...
Stupid camera!