Monday, May 2, 2011

A day in the after life of a dead chicken

Well, one chicken who came down with pneumonia passed on. And although we feel bad for this poor hen, there is only one thing to do when your number is up and you are a chicken on Frog Creek. You get a send off into the beautiful woods,

You get to be a noble ambassador for the Creekling Children.
You get to lay there in all of your fowl glory,

and let us see the life circle in our woods unfold.
Captured in the lens of our beloved deer cam

We just set it, and forget it...
Until the next morning at least. Kaya and I hiked out alone.  Marlin went to work with Addy for the day, and Ev wanted to stay home and finish his show.
We thought she would be gone or feasted on, but no, there she lay in one piece.

But we had caught images on the camera!  I asked Kaya what he thought passed by. He pondered, and said either a mouse or a bird.
My guess was a deer.
We went back and hooked up the camera and it was a...

 Sorry Deer, not on your menu!
So we decided to move it to a different location. mostly because we are fidgety. So we hiked over and set up shop.

 We were able to see some crows hanging out over there throughout the day, but it's really the night time images we are really interested in.
We found some beauty on the hike back. I have not seen these in ages.

 Jack in the pulpit. They are interesting plants. Edible if dried out for a long time, toxic when raw. Native Americans used them medicinally for sore eyes and other maladies, and as a poison.
Pretty cool stuff to know.
Well, maybe one day you might be on jeopardy or something..
Anyway, we can't wait to head out early tomorrow and see what we got.
I hope it's not the usual..
Stay tuned.
And be giddy.


Elemental Handcrafts said...

I find something about this post very moving, and I'm not sure what!

mamak said...

Really! Oh yeah! I thought you might be mortified...

Stephanie said...

I am!, I am!
can't wait.
will be tuning in...
(as always.)...

Andrea said...

That is very clever, and a bit, I don't know, disturbing? It sure it busy over at Frog Creek, that's for certain. I am a little scared for the next night images....

Helena said...

I'm a bit scared too! Hmm, I might have to peek through my fingers… :)

I love the words "Creekling Children." They made me happy.

It's funny. I found your blog when you were in Hawaii. Now I'm a regular it's hard to believe you're all not always here, in your element, in the woods and by the creek, the snow so big then gone. Always vibrant, inquisitive, delighted and delightful. BEING.

I'm so glad I came by and found you, even though I'm a little nervous what I might see when I stop by next! :)