Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicks in progress.. and a contest!

So remember how the wily fox reduced my chicken flock? And then how we took some eggs to replenish it a little? Well, I am pleased to report that all is going well in incubation land. Out of the 15 original eggs, I believe I am left with 13 viable eggs.
The boys like to look and see the little embryo that did not make it.

It looks so bizarre to them in the fetal stages. We have always cracked open the "dead" eggs. I was so much like this as a kid.

 The flashlight I am using to candle the eggs is not as bright as my old one that is in the mysterious land where all flashlights go when Ev and Kaya get a hold of them...
They always look so darn innocent.
Complicating the candling is the fact that many of the eggs are dark brown and blue. I can't really see too much of what is happening in there, except for a few healthy thick looking blood vessels, and occasionally a dark mass moves a little..
We are on Day 14 out of 21.
The second trimester already. Pretty soon now!
So we'll see how many we get in the end. Should I make a prediction? That is always kind of fun. Ok, so I will say 9 out of 13 eggs hatch. Sounds pretty good, I think..
You know what?
Let's make it a contest!
Everybody take a guess, and at the end I will send the lucky winners something kind of chickeny. Although I have no idea what that is, as of yet..
It will be a total surprise.
To me as well...
So then, fortunately the incubator has not had it's electrical system weird out like it did that one fateful time. So if you would send some positive incubator electrical kind of vibes out, that would be swell.
Can't have a contest with a batch of dead eggs..
Leave your guess here!
What's your lucky number?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh fun! I say 10 eggs. That's how many we have incubating under our broody hen right now, so that'll be my lucky number. Ours are due to hatch between this Saturday and Monday. We're excited to see what we get - we put extra Americauna and Crested black polish eggs under our broody hen because we like those two breeds.

mamak said...

Awesome! I wish one of my hens would go broody! The one that was last year, is not this year.. Incubators are a pain in the butt in comparison.
Good luck on your 10!

Jessica said...

I will be optimistic and say 11 out of 13. How I wish the prize could be one of the chicks......

mamak said...

Well it could be if you wanted it to be...

Stephanie said...

I was thinking 14, but I guess I'll take nine. :)
Butt--I"m still hopin' for 14!

Three Mommies said...

I'm thinking 11. Yes, definitely 11.