Friday, April 8, 2011

Rock and Mineral show!

We eagerly await this annual show.

Because rocks and minerals are very cool.
To us...
We buy beautiful specimens and treasure them.

This year the kids got to polish their own cut of Serpentine.

They really loved this experience most of all.

The local rock club that hosts this event goes to many of our State's quarries to find rocks and minerals that we didn't even know we could find here.
I am going to see how we can get in on that action...
If you have a rock and mineral show that comes around you, I say, GO!
 I don't think something like that will disappoint you...
Plus, it's a really cheap source for geodes!

The other best thing that happened that day is that Grandma and Grandpa who came over that night to celebrate Kaya's birthday ( again).
They ate more cake with us,

Cajoled cute faces out of the birthday boy,

waited patiently as he made his wish,

 gave him a big box to open,

and gifted him a ROCK TUMBLER!

 How cool is that?
 We immediately set it up and are working through the three week process to tumble our own polished gems.
That is an awesome finale to a wonderfully rock filled day!
In fact, it rocked!


Stephanie said...

I was gonna ask if you have a rock tumbler! We don't have one, yet, but I'm sure eventually we will.

I love geodes!

But my favorite are our trilobites that we unearthed ourselves! :)

mamak said...

Finding our own trilobites would be hugely epic for us! We may head the Bakersfield, NC this summer to unearth our own Megladon teeth, I am pretty excited at the mere thought of it!

Jessica said...

How stinkin cool that they got to polish their own rocks! I am so mad we missed it. Grace would have been in rock-heaven! PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you go to another show or if you want to explore the parks that now cover quarries -we want to check out the one in Trumbull soon!

mamak said...

Jess! Yes, the rock show is usually first weekend in April, I forgot to tell people... My bad.
We would LOVE to come to any quarry with you guys. Let's do it in May! I'll keep my ears open for anything rock related. We are also planning a Howe's cavern trip this summer, you in?
How about Herkimer diamond mine, would require camping or hotel stay though..

Elemental Handcrafts said...

Kim! Gwen, Astrid and Nick went to that rock show!

julie said...

cool ! Tony took the boys to that show right after Adeline was born. They both loved it.