Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reviving the creek

Our creek, which the kids dubbed Frog Creek, way back when, was in need of some major maintenance.

Small saplings and wild roses were taking over certain well loved sections. So over the weekend we had at it. I forgot to take "before" pictures as I was too focused on the removal of these obstacles. I was hell bent and determined on reclaiming magic and joy.
And so here we are!

A wide open creek to be frolicked in and explored thoroughly again!
The kids were such participants in all of this. They hauled and cut, and were so helpful in general.

It was just fitting that we should burn some of this overgrowth and riff raff.

 We do love a good hootenanny!

No, wait.. I mean we should make a bonfire!

Bust out some fun in a bag!

Some even needed super special gear to try and roast over our raging creek clearing fire:

Good times....
We also enjoyed our last remaining patch of snow,

which has stubbornly survived some pretty warm temps!
Anyway, just look at that creek! It's such a dreamy little spot, all cleaned up now.

I tell you, it truly is the simple little things in life that bring the most happiness.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I hope we have some awesomely warm weather there next week. So much fun to be had :-)

Andrea said...

Lovely, and fun, and a bonfire to boot! There are patches of snow here too, and I am tempted to throw them in the bonfire!

denise said...

So much fun happening. Love it all.