Thursday, April 14, 2011

CT Science Center

We headed out with some friends on a rainy day to check out the center in Hartford, CT.
I went there with no expectations, which I have found out is the best way to approach these kinds of things.. Anyway, I was completely blown away with the quality and quantity of very cool stuff to explore and do.  This place was outstanding. I had just complained a few post ago about my kids reaching ages in which old stand by's were no longer cutting it, and that we needed to find new spaces. We definitely can hang here for a long time! We stayed for four and a half hours and only really explored two floors worth of exhibits. We barely touched the space one, as we were pretty much exhausted and ready to leave. And there was still a whole upstairs level that we did not make it to. This place is a school trip hot spot, so we went at noon figuring the trips would be winding down, which they were. I also assume many schools are taking the field trips at the end of the school year. I would NEVER attempt this place in the summer. Ever. I am thinking the first half of the school year would be best to get your fill of trips in... If your reading this and have kids in school, definitely take a sick day and explore this place! Your kids will be beyond happy.
Anyway, we watched a really great 3D movie on the oceans resources, filmed out of South Africa.
great movie and even better to see sharks in a 3D feeding frenzy. The rest of what we did is in a photopalooza below. This place was nothing short of awesome. Best of all,  they are super homeschooler friendly and give the Education discount! All 7 in our group got in and saw the movie for 75.00 bucks. Also, the cafe serves up local and organic fare as well.... NICE!
Here we go!

That was an epic amount of pictures! We can't wait to go back again, and spend another full day there. How can you not love this way of living and learning?
We are so lucky.


Andrea said...

I cannot believe the number of pictures you put in here! Wow. Obviously it was an amazing trip. So glad you found a new place that excited all of you:)

Kim said...

Do you need to have proof of homeschooling for the educator discount, or did you just tell them you that you homeschool? We've been dying to go there!! It looks awesome!!

mamak said...
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mamak said...

Kim, I just told them, and flashed my educators discount card from Barnes and Noble, cause that's all I have! But I think when you show up with kids on a weekday during school hours, they don't say much!
Andrea, It is a ton of pictures! We are very happy to have a new place to go sometimes.

Rosemarie said...

I have been dying to check it out. We passed it all winter every time we headed to VT. Glad you gave it good reviews.

denise said...

That looks like an amazing place! That is exactly why my guys love ... and we have to drive a ways to find anything even remotely that nice. Very cool!!!

Helena said...

Fun pics! It looks like your kids had a blast. I love days like this, so much. Just filled with joy and learning, the two intertwined as they should always be :)

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Miss you on FB, wish I had time to stop in here more often.

We had a membership to the CT Science Center. I bought it before it opened. Unfortunately though, we had expectations, having visited the one in Boston. We still enjoyed it, but didn't renew.