Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Sunday Walk

It's spring, so we hiked.
Going in the woods is always great, until you walk too far, and the kids get grumpy, and then you need to hike all.the.way. back.
Then you vow to repeat as your new Mantra:
Small hikes, small hikes, small hikes...
But most of it went lovely.

Deer's bed, shedding for spring.

Animal kill, were tossed up between squirrel and rabbit, based on fur color. We were sure a bird killed it, as there was bird poop all around it.

Marlin looked all around and found our answer. Definately bunny!

mini mountain climbing.

Saw our first snake for a the season. The boys dropped it before it made it's fame here.

Almost spring!


Jessica said...

Lovely family time outside on a beautiful day. Let's pick a day to hike the quarry! After this next round of snow........

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I want to walk with you always find such cool stuff. April vacation maybe. Miss you :-)

MamaTea said...

Love it! We've been hiking here as well, but almost everything is under water. And pictures just don't do it justice. Glad you were able to find some wonderful things. Looks like a fabulous day!

Stephanie said...

Our hiking places will be under snow and mud for a couple of months still, so our Explores are walking, not hiking! But that gets us used to long walks, so that's good! :)
That deer bed is cool! I've never seen that.
The babes look happy, most excellent.
Hooray for spring.

Andrea said...

Oh hiking looks good! And yes, you did find lots of cool stuff. Looking forward to pictures of your next "small hike".