Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spa and Gah!

Marlin loves a particular book. It is titled "Spa Princess Cookbook" by, Barbara Beery.
Beauty recipes using ingredients that one could eat.

 Now it does not always taste great, but still...

it's so much fun to make!

And the very best activity to do with a special friend.

And now for the GAH!
The kids along with their Turkishly awesome Father, dissected a fish.

It smelled.
The smell of fish goes straight to my stomach in a bad way. I would have um, perhaps covered the specimen with an extra special sauce. So I snapped pictures from afar.

The loved cutting open the fishes eye ball to release the vitreous and the cornea.

 They held it, and looked at it really closely.

It was cool. This was all Kaya's planning and asking.

He is the coolest!
And so is Addy.


julie said...

great spa fun and way to go Addy!!!

Helena said...

That looks like such a fun day! The spa part, not the fish part so much :)

I actually averted my eyes, while reading the fish part of your post—a new trick!—so that I only read the words. I didn't know I could do that. I felt very talented! Now, if only you could avert your eyes in scary movies and still see the movie…
(…I know. I AM strange! :) )

It's really great that your kids got into all of it, though. I love inquiring minds!

MamaTea said...

I'm thinking a certain boy here would love that Spa Book, interestingly enough...

And the fish! What is it with kids and the eyeballs?? My kids want to do that every time we go fishing.

Cool post, my dear. Fun, fun!

Jessica said...

okay....Marlin looks much better with the gooey masque than I do! This book is Lilah's favorite. You have given her (and me by default) hours of enjoyment!