Monday, March 28, 2011

Creating Crystals

So it was night, and there was not much to do..
 So we cracked open experiment # 8 , of the young scientist club subscription.
I am loving these kits because nearly everything you need is there, ready to go, and they are fun experiments. I am so glad that we signed up with them.
Our various crystals went a little like this:

These were our baking soda, and sugar crystals.

Smashing open a geode,

The start of coal crystals.

 The quickest forming were the baking soda crystals. Formations with in an hour!

The finished coal crystals, two - three days...

Salt crystals magnified.

Evren feels the need to make a peace sign at every opportunity imaginable.

Sugar crystals still in progress..... those take a looooong time.
Pretty good stuff.


Stephanie said...

We've totally been playing today too, and I eyed the crystal kits in close-up. :)
Today has been free-play chemistry, but soon, I'll bet! :)

Jessica said...

I love that your kitchen table is the heart of your home. Every time you post, your kids, relatives, and friends are all gathered around it.

MamaTea said...

NICE!! I'm checking out that subscription.

And I noticed you had some Old Speckled Hen in one of those pictures there. Nice choice. :)