Thursday, March 31, 2011

A whole day of being newly eight.

Kaya's birthday was yesterday. He is very big now, 8.

So we had a whole day to let him do as pleased and celebrated him.
Woke him up,

Gifted him,

Breakfasted in bed,

Played outside all day. Had BBQ for lunch because Mother Nature gave him 50 glorious degrees for his birthday!

Sang and caked,

He picked sushi,

and Habatchi for his dinner

So very fun!
He wished good wishes,

 and we went home and watched Glee and read.
It was quite a good day to be newly 8.
Happy, happy Birthday, Kaya.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A barn, early spring.

I loved being at the barn this afternoon. So I just started snapping pictures. I think I will do this each season.
 The barn is my great place.
Quiet, interesting odors, and sounds. I love watching the animals, and caring for them,
I hardly ever speak when I am with the animals. It's amazing how well animals read subtle body language. How a certain sequenced whistle, a hand gesture and the snap of fingers can send them off on a perimeter check (dogs).
You don't need to speak.
 Animals are intuitive, and my soul feeds off this.
Anyway, I find the barn dusty, primitive, filled with the wonder of childhood dreams, the smell of hay, the act of personal sustainability, and the intimate care of your food source.
Our barn in pictures:

Did you see the specialness?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Creating Crystals

So it was night, and there was not much to do..
 So we cracked open experiment # 8 , of the young scientist club subscription.
I am loving these kits because nearly everything you need is there, ready to go, and they are fun experiments. I am so glad that we signed up with them.
Our various crystals went a little like this:

These were our baking soda, and sugar crystals.

Smashing open a geode,

The start of coal crystals.

 The quickest forming were the baking soda crystals. Formations with in an hour!

The finished coal crystals, two - three days...

Salt crystals magnified.

Evren feels the need to make a peace sign at every opportunity imaginable.

Sugar crystals still in progress..... those take a looooong time.
Pretty good stuff.