Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Visiting friends and dead folks and stuff.

So we headed out to stay a few nights with our friends. Check that link if you want more photos. There may or may not be one of me in a marshmallow crown...just sayin'... Anyway, It's always a good time for Mama's and kids.
This particular trip we sledded down an incredible sled track. It was pretty cool.

At the base of the hill was a lovely cemetery. I am a big fan of cemeteries. I find them peaceful, beautiful and fascinating in so many ways. Luckily, Kaya does as well. Well the others do too, but he happened to be with me and followed as I delved in.

We finally tore away, and headed back to the house for some more of this:

It was a great weekend away. It helps the winter seem less long and painful when you surround yourself with warm, generous friends.
I love that.

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Heart Rockin Mama said...

Great sledding shots. And I love the one of them doing ther show!
We love hanging with you guys :-)