Friday, February 4, 2011


Nothing is going on here.
maybe some baking,

lots of playing of course.
And sometimes even with friends with 4 wheel drive..

I made it out of the house to bring Marlin to Brownies, as that was the only thing not canceled in the past two weeks.
Guess what? No, really can you guess?
Yep! Another snow storm on Saturday, and again for Tuesday.
I will be insane by April.
Enjoy the pictures!

And, um, the mammoth snow piles makes it entirely possible for certain creeklings to leap from the deck...

I guess that is one redeeming quality.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

We shall be crazy together then.
Next weekend, in fact!

mamak said...

Right on!

Andrea said...

Love the leaping from the deck! And I have to mention, not one thing that we participate in has been cancelled! Go figure. All homeschool activites went forward when all the schools were closed.

It looks like a whole bunch of stuff has been happening at your house.

mamak said...

Well, two or three that were cancelled was to assess the roof structure. Roofs have been collapsing, as there is no melt between snow, and roofs have 2-3 feet piled up! The business on my street collapsed 3 days ago, as did a horse barn down the road. Then we had an ice storm. The constant plowing have made some major streets a one way or impassible. We have been getting two storms a week. After a while, you can't keep up! A very unusual winter indeed!

Karen said...

I see you over at Jessica's all the time and decided to pop in. Good thing I brought my snow boots!!! Good grief. We would die down here in Alabama with that much snow. It is beautiful though!

Elemental Handcrafts said...


Helena said...

Oof, that's a lot of snow! And more coming? Yikes! It looks so magical from the other side of the earth, but in real life I might be ready to hit the Snowstorm Pause button too :)

The deck jumping does look super fun though. And whose is that earth mover, bulldozer thingy?? What an Excellent toy! I hope you can use it lots in the next storm…and that you DON'T go mad :)

denise said...

Yeah, that is a lot of freakin' snow! :)