Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forgotten photos

Forgotten blog... It's the end of winter, and I am at the end of my winter rope. I am desperate for spring. I need some warmer days. Give me some high 40's or some 50's already.  The end of winter is hard on me. I begin my descent into unhappiness, and wanting to stay home. Soon though, I will be unstoppable!  Just one more month, one more month...Maybe it's my mind's way of building up the much needed energy for all that doing and seeing.
Might as well sled on the stuff!

  Partying birthday style.

Valentine's day party, thanks Miss L and family!

Kaya made a lemon shark bag for collecting all the love.

He has been biting his apples into designs or faces lately. This is the beginning of spidey apple.

Pottery has started up again, and the kids are loving it! We swim with our friends every week. That place is so good for me. It's a nice 85 degrees and there are palm trees. I convince myself every time that I am somewhere very far away. It kinda works for those two hours. Kaya is still taking his guitar lessons. He loves it, or rather he truly adores his teacher. Marlin is interested in trying her hand at agility with her dog Zoe. Kaya and Ev joined a lego club. There may be fencing in the future if a group forms.. So all in all, we are still doing stuff. Just not the busy active stuff that we love. In due time...
As far as learning, the kids are sponges, poking around at everything. We have been watching a lot on TV that get us revved up. The usual.. Dirty Jobs, Bizarre foods, Animal planet, History Channel, Survival shows. You name it, we learn from it. Marlin has read some great books, Esperanza Rising, and now Winn- Dixie. Kaya is still trying to grasp reading. It is very frustrating for him. So we do little chunks. Evren is playing many games. They all love working on math and reading skills daily on Study ladder. Mostly though, we play and do everything together, and that is where the true learning happens around here.


Andrea said...

Sled on! Spring is just around the corner. You are lucky to have a weekly swim date, we can't seem to pull that one together. And what is going on in Lego club? I have tons of legos, but every time I try and pull some sort of club together, it turns into a wild kid party with no structure. Amazing, but true.

Rosemarie said...

Sounds like a busy time! We would love to see you guys and join in on the fun. Where are you going swimming? We need to find a place to go.

Jessica said...

I love all your pictures. No matter where we are, you capture the moment.

Helena said...

I feel the same way about winter! I seem to hit a wall where I feel/think It Must End! Of course, it doesn't help that we have a hopeless system for heating our house—note to self, fix that before winter comes :)

My kids would love all that snow! They'd be doing little snowdances perpetually around the house to keep summer at bay :) I'm not so sure I'd join them…but it does seem magical stuff, from all the way across the puddle, here in the sweet warm.

Also, what a small small world it is—the people who make studyladder live near here. TRUE! My friends know the people who created it and use the site all the time. Wild, huh?

Thanks for sharing, MamaK—lovely to see all those pics (and I recognise a couple of girls and a mama from another blog…jealous you guys get to hang out! Can we pop in for the next party? And you guys are all very welcome to come over here. I'll take you straight to the beach! :) )

MamaTea said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous family with happy days. Even at the end of your winter rope. I think we are all there...hopefully we don't have to hang on much longer...

mamak said...

The first lego club meeting was cancelled due to snow. The next one is next week. It seems very organized I will let you know more soon!

I will email you the details on the swimming!

The snow was fun at first. We are over it anbd really want to be at the beach. If I ever make it to OZ I will contact you immediately!
So funny about studdy ladder, we love the accents and the kids love working on that site.
Come on over and visit. Jess and I would love to hang out with you for a while! Anytime!