Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy science!

We saw an advertisement for a very cool online science website on the homeschool buyers co-op website. The site is called supercharged science, and they had some free experiments to do that pertained to atoms. So of course we sent Dad off with a small shopping list for some big fun with atoms.
This first experiment involved ivory soap, water molecules, and a microwave.
This is the explanation of what was happening.
 This was our experiment:

Next up Plasma flash.
From a grape!
 Just look around on that link up there, it's on there as well.
 Here we go!

See it!
Very, very cool!


Andrea said...

Thanks for the cool link, as you know, we are always looking for science activities that are new and exciting! This looks like it was quite fun for all of you!

Helena said...

WOW! I see we're going to have to try turning butter into a big white blobby thing now!! And check out the site, and try new things and learn more and more… :) Ah. SO much to do, so much fun to be had!

Winnie said...

ok - that will be our next playdate.....since we don't have a microwave, we will borrow yours! I will bring the butter! You make the let's pick a date!

julie said...

thats looks cool , I will have to check that site out!

MamaTea said...

Now that is cool! thanks for the're always getting me inspired to do new things!! :)