Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water park

There was a pretty neat looking water park very close to where we were staying. We had passed it a few times while driving, and it became a plan B when it was pretty definite that the shark cage was not going to pan out. I asked them if this would be as cool.
It was of course a resounding, Yes!
I could not take many pictures of the very cool rides we went on because, well I was on them, and with them, and sliding down tubes and screaming, and so one can't really drag a camera around having that sort of fun.
But I got these cute shots though! It was a great park. It was a nice way to mix it up. And we had fun.

A lot of fun.

So much fun!
In fact it was so darn fun,

that we had to drip dry all the wet messy fun off of us before we left so as not to stain the rent a van with all of the left over drippings of fun.
 There could have been a fine!
Now that, is some kind of fun.

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