Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Waimea Falls Park

This place is an Audubon Center on the North Shore.
We have hiked here before.

We like it a lot because it is an amazingly gorgeous hike.

There is tropical lush everywhere.

There were volunteer natives who showed us how to grind the Kukui nuts to make them play as tops as they did when they were children.

And that also the meat inside the shells make an awesome candle.

They talked about other useful interesting cultural things,

and why they are important.

They let us play music with them.

That sort of thing really makes me happy.
On the way up to the fall(s) there was only one that day, Addy spied these clementine looking fruits.

 So being the sly guy who grew up in Turkey, he knew just how to get us some as we could not reach them in the tree's.
Let's just say the man can throw a stone or two.
So we tried them.

And this variety was not sweet, and needed sugar in order to be made into a jelly.


 So we hiked on and enjoyed more beauty.

Finally at the top, there it was, the waterfall.

It wasn't huge, but it was pretty!

And we made it even prettier.

And added goofy faces.

Just because.
Honestly though, this is my favorite hike. It's great. There are little off paths that you can take to see artifacts, like stone offering altars, and traditional huts, and gardens...

 There are so many smells, and creatures, and colors.

It's pretty close to perfect.

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