Monday, January 24, 2011


I love the kids pottery class. These were from our last class. The kids really made a plethora of wonderful things.

and an egg cup for Dad.

I love this,


 French fry sushi roll!
 A Hammer head!

A cobra,

 Isn't it spectacular?

 A candle holder made just for me..


 The cutest dino in the world. It's an adorablesauraus.

Shhh, don't tell him I called it that. He thinks it's vicious.

A volcano, that we hope to affix to a big bottle of soda and drop some mento's in.

How cool would that be?
Ev has others, but only wanted to show his coolest ones.
You can see the others that they made if you click on the top most photo.
Each piece really shows their personalities pretty well. They start up a new round of classes tomorrow. I wonder what they will create this time?
I love having so many of their pieces of art decorating the house. I hope these last through many years.


Jessica said...

We'll see you at class tomorrow!!!!

Stephanie said...

I love all of them!
And the snake is Spectacular.

I want a pottery class, now. :)

Helena said...

We're about to start pottery class! I used to do pottery as a kid and it was one of my happiest memories. I can't wait for the kids to start—I'll try not to spend too much time saying, "This is so much fun! Isn't this fun!" and let them discover how much fun they're having for themselves :)

I wanted to also say, I've loved looking at your Hawaii photos—they've been just beautiful. Thank you!

(And I should mention I found you through MANY lovely people…two of them have already commented here, plus others… so I was meant to find you. It's destiny is what it is!)

MamaTea said...

Fabulous!! That's one ferocious adorable-asaurus!How lucky you are to have all those fabulous decorations to love up your home. :)

Andrea said...

Great stuff you got there!

denise said...

Those are wonderful! So colorful and full of life!

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, sust when you think the projects can't get any more fabulous they do!