Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our up to's

Well, winter here has been well, very wintery. I can not remember a snowier one. We have been getting storms as much as twice a week. This one that is happening as we speak may leave us with another 14 inches. Then we have another on Sat, and again on Tues..
So we have had lots of indoor time. My kids are not big snow kids, so they go out on and off but not very often or for very long.
So we have been somehow making do!
With baking

Snow grafitti

Playing around with gasses

Cornstarch goo and popsicles...

slime gunk?

 Pc- ing



and THE perfect remedy for another snowy day,

time with friends at the pool!

Thankfully, the world is full of enough good stuff to get us through this season.
I hope...


Helena said...

Oh, I LOVE that last picture!!! You would never see that in Oz—so impossibly wondrous. Glad to hear you're finding your way through the wintery days, glad that you're sharing them!

Jessica said...

Today was great...only thing that would have made it better would be a mommy mixed drink! So glad we made it to the pool. Looking forwards to next time!

Andrea said...

The world IS full of interesting things, and oh, the water looks SOOOO good!

Bright Eyes (Shelley) said...

I'm with Helena on that last picture! Too funny to see snow falling in the background. I wonder what their heating bill is like. :D