Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kaya's date

Kaya, has a few admirers around.
 You know, he is cute, kind, quiet.. Why wouldn't he be a catch?
He has two girls who adore him, one is away in Florida right now, so that left him wide open.  Another smart girl seized the opportunity and made her move.
She set a romantic table, and lured him in by decorating with his prized collection of sharks.

They conversed about stuff amidst background music.

She fed him frozen fruit with drizzled honey.
Nectars of the gods, I suppose..

I think she tried to get him to dance. At least that is what I was told when I discovered him crouched behind the couch...
 All in all, a fine date!
When I asked him about it, there were lots of giggles, eye rolls, and hand gestures.

"Mom, girls love to play this game with me! At least it's better than letting them do a make over on me!"
 What a guy!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Oh, my... how I do love that boy :-)

Jessica said...

This is priceless! Any girl would be lucky to have him as her companion! We sure love him!

Winnie said...

Hoe cute! That is so funny. I hope they had a good time. Tell him I said hi!!!!!!

Grace A.K.A Winnie

Shel said...

He is so awesome! Love this!

Andrea said...

I am speechless. So funny, and a little scary? You know, I just have boys, and they don't know what girls are! What a good sport he is!!

MamaTea said...

Sweet, sweet, and sweet. He's such a charming little man and a fabulous sport to play along with her...even if she did want to dance. :)