Friday, January 21, 2011


Saying good bye to our family was hard.

But fireworks always help.

They do..

Hopped on a jet plane,

 or two,

as we glided over New Jersey, we saw snow.

It looked cold.
We beat a huge storm by hours.

A very big storm.

What away to return back to unpredictable New England.

I thought I kind of liked snow. What I learned is that I truly don't. It's pretty and all, but I am not a skier or into the luge.

I prefer where I visited much better. All I know is once Addy retires, we are out of here!
So if you were planning on long games of canasta near the fire in our long john's...

You are dreaming.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I'm still planning on long games of can... oh wait... no I'm not! But I'm sure we'll be hanging wherever you are :-) The warmer the better!

Jessica said...

Just make sure wherever you go you have a spare bedroom for us!

Andrea said...

Ahh, snow. I am glad to see you back in it. I will follow along to see what warm weather climate you migrate to. But for tonight, hunker down.

Jessica said...

What a lot of snow, an awful lot of snow.All that from one storm?

mamak said...

Yes, one major storm. We had 3 foot drifts in areas! Crazy, huh?