Thursday, January 6, 2011


 We had the opportunity to join our little cousin on one of his play group field trips to a botanical garden.
We listened

to a cool native Hawaiian myth,

and then Evren made paper bag puppets.

Marlin helped Conner.
And Kaya decompressed.

He hates group activites, and arts and crafts.
Oh, and since I am always behind the camera, here is a photo of me!

In my big girl clothes.
Lucky shot. I am generally a shirt and shorts type of gal.
 Could you tell?
So, Hawaii has some pretty crazy stuff growing around out here. Here are some photos I took of the legal varieties. For example Kaya calls this a flaming red penis flower.

I can see it..
( Had to google image this pic. My camera lost a lot of pictures, I am so mad!)
Here are some other things that look straight out of Avatar. (again this is the last googled one.)

I loved this one.

Enjoy the others!

So apparently, this a tree one would not want to climb!

Kaya found this big pod under a tree,

 and asked the botanist what it was. She said it was an Inga Bean pod ( sp?) Also called Ice cream bean. So he asked if we could eat it. She apparently had never been asked this, just judging by her initial expression. But she showed us how to tear the pod open.

You just eat the fluffy white stuff around the bean and then spit the bean out.

It was kinda good. It's texture was like cotton candy/marshmallow, that turned to a custard consistancy in your mouth, with a slightly sweet after taste.
It was neat to try something new, that was just lying at your feet.
The rest of the pictures were taken on a walk around the condo complex where we are staying this week.
Look how weaved this looks!

It's some crazy palm they have at the condo complex we are in.

The landscapers trimmed this from somewhere,

 and we found it on a lawn. It had some sort of aloe vera type gel oozing from it.
Kaya liked it!
Jasmine, which perfumes all the air around it.

 So good.
This  next plant hands down, is the most entertaining little plant to me. Picture me squatting down looking in the grass in random areas on the island poking my index finger over and over at it. I am sometimes surprised my husband is still with me.
 Anyway, It's called sleeping grass. I think It is similar or the same species as a sensitive plant.
See it's pretty lil flower?

The flower is not always present, hence the ceaseless poking.
This is how the plant looks before my prodding,

 And after.

It sort of shrivles up and folds down. Not very dramatic looking in pictures. But if you touched it, it would most definately make you squeal. Even if you only did it in your head.
I like it. a lot. and I squeal out loud.
And Lastly, the infamous bird of paradise!


Andrea said...

The plants are so cool, and so fun to look at right now. Short sleeves look awesome!

Jessica said...

from Grace: "Oh we are SO going there!"