Sunday, January 9, 2011


There are mongoose here in Hawaii. They look like ferrets. We find that sort of weasley creature rather cute.

So it was just natural that we should stalk it.
See, they are kind of cute.

Although, they can be quite surly when cornered. So we made sure to give them space.
We caught a cane toad which are really big, but I forgot to take a picture. Just imagine a tall big toad instead of a short, smaller squatty one.
The golf course down the street has these black swans in their small pond.

Very cool, so we thought. We went there to feed them with our little cousins. The other ducks were pleasant and grateful and quacky.
But these two swans were so mean!
They bit the 2 year old, and Evren, and the male who the true aggressor, would stick his neck far out to bite us. And when he missed he would bite the grass to show us how mean he was.
But naughty!
There are some interesting birds here as well.
The most common ones that we have seen here that we do not have at home are, I googled all these, as chasing around birds is hard, and my shots are crummy.
Plus, the kids make fun of me, and try to scare the birds away.
Because my kids are terrible people.
Here we go:
My fave for whatever reason is the Mynah bird.

They are common like a crow, and just as mischevious.
Then there is a cardinal,

which is very different than the cardinal from home.
This is a yellow african finch.

They are quick, so all you see are these sunny little streaks zipping around.
It's always good for one's soul to see that sort of thing.
There are these little cute doves every where cooing all the time.

If you look close at the neck, there are really pretty blue dots.
Apparently this is a bad photo for seeing those dots.
 But trust me they are there, and endearing.
To me.
Egrets like it here as well, and we have seen loads, as well as sand pipers, and plovers.
This last one is a Hawaiian moorhen, and we have spotted it a few times,
mostly in fresh small ponds.

In a few posts back, you can find the big sea turtle we saw.
 We have seen multiple turtles bobbing in the waves.
On our last trip out, we got to see a Monk seal sunning himself on the beach, but have not seen one yet this trip.

We were trying very hard to see sharks,

but it hasn't worked out this trip.
The "winter" sea has foiled us multiple times.
But, there is always next time!


Jessica said...

I LOVE the black swans! I have never seen one. Kinda fitting since Greg and I watched the movie last night!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

It looks like you guys are just lapping up the tropical weather therein Hawaii! We have Cane toads in Queensland (introduced) and they are a real pest and if another animal trys to eat them they make them sick.I think they are somewhat cute though! In our state we have loads of the black swans and my grandmother had a pet one, she was a doll of a thing when hurt or lost, but when on her territory she was very aggressive.They are beautiful amazing though.