Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buddhist Temple

We went to the buddhist cemetary and Temple the other day.

It was really just a peaceful pretty place.

Kaya, out of all the kids, was most comfortable and into it.

It smelled like Nag Champa,

and there was Buddha,

( had to google image, my camera lost it!)

and a great bell,

and koi,

and statues,

 in zen gardens.
 And a cool gift shop

with so many happy golden buddhas.

We loved it. Then it started pouring, and um, we left.


Andrea said...

Thanks for letting me enjoy your vacation, it looks so wonderful!

Jessica said...

Beautiful. It reminds me of my trip to China. I can totally see Kaya feeling at ease there. Send some of that good Karma and zen back to CT please!

varunner said...

Ok, that's really cool! Where is it? There's this documentary called Into Great Silence that is filmed inside a monastery. I love watching it; and there is no talking whatsoever. It just feels so peaceful.

mamak said...

It's in Oahu Hawaii. It's very peaceful, and smells grrrrreat!