Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blow it up!

Our motto since we were housebound, trapped by nearly 2 feet of snow in our drive way, has been, "when trapped, blow stuff up!"
But what could we explode?
A Volcano!

We taped a glass soda bottle onto a big pan, and covered it around, cone shaped with black shiny construction type paper.
We mixed up a slurry of equal parts flour and water,

ripped up newspaper,

and got our hands dirty.
We wanted to blow it up quickly.
First we tried a hair dryer.

It took too long for our liking, so we put it in a 175 degree oven for a few hours.
Next we put a base layer of black.

We wanted to like put trees towards the bottom, some brown rocks up the edges and snow around the rim.

That all changed drastically

 when the kids got the paints out!

It was painful waiting for it to dry.
So while we waited, we looked at the lava rocks we brought home from Hawaii.
We also checked out some pumice stone.

Looked at it even closer..

In the end the paint all mixed together and it was black again. Isn't that weird?
Finally it was time! There was definitely a learning curve. It took a few turns to get the consistency and color right.
First up Marlin,

Kinda pale and white.

 Not as lava-ish as we wanted.
Tweaked the formula for Kaya's turn.

Definitely an improvement,

but not good enough..

We needed way more color!
So we really loaded up on the red color for Ev's turn.

We liked it much better!

Basically, our lava is:
1/2 cup warm water
7-10 drops of dishwashing liquid ( we were never accurate)
5 teaspoons baking soda
A LOT of red food coloring.
Mix that up well and pour into bottle of volcano.
Measure about 1/2 cup white vinegar.
Pour into bottle.
Prepare for squeals of delight!
We used his volcano for about 20 eruptions. One night we over did it and got the outer layers all wet and it just kind of disintegrated. I am sure there will be another one sooner or later.
Go now.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!! How fun! :)


Andrea said...

That is an impressive volcano!! I have had some blowing up experiments going on here as well, nothing quite as fancy as that, but let's just say there is no more vinegar, lime or lemon juice or baking soda left ANYWHERE aroung here. And the finish on my table isn't looking too good either.