Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bishop Museum, part one.

I had a rainy day plan. I found out about this museum while poking around for things to do when it rained. It is the rainy season and all. But get this, it only rained on our last day! Which turned out fantastic because this was a really nice museum.
The first thing we caught was a planetarium show. I think it was a little too much for the kids, but the stories were cool, and I learned a few new constellations.

The kids science section was the best.
We spent quite a bit of time here. A wall of shimmering metal disks that showed how sound waves travel.

A magma wall. The more you pumped in pressure, the more the magma would rise to the surface and then erupt. It was addicting.

 Different rocks magnified.

The core of a volcano.

A black light hallway which told Hawaiian stories, and chanted in traditional Hawaiian.

 Pele, I think?...

 Making wax lava flow, and then reversing suction to form a crater.

This was the best!

The top of the Volcano which one controlled the levels of gas and pressure,

to create what would happen in a real volcano.

Waves. Three kinds.

 Land slide, earth quake, and wind.

Dress up fun.


Touch pad microscope. This is a happy face spider.

Kaya loved this! You control your own underwater submersible to roam a deep sea cave.

 In a crevice, he discovered an urchin/ anemone type creature. I think it looks like a cervix though.

A really impressive and beautiful shell display. There were so many!

Tomorrow, part two. Culture!
 This is a really great museum.

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