Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bishop Museum, part two.

We moved on from Science and Geology on over to Culture and Heritage.

This section was stunning.

It had this huge sperm whale suspended,

and one half showed it's skeletal structure.

We liked it!
There was a replica hut.

This freaky stone carving. well, there were many, but we adored this one.

It was kind of endearing, in a creepy cute kind of way.

I would like it in my yard.
There was a section with traditional instruments,

There was video instruction,

so one could play along.
Although there were so many artifacts like clothes made from ornate bird feathers, weaved bowls, stone carvings, and fascinating pictures. The things we were most interested in were the weapons.

They were made from tiger shark teeth!

We thought our friend Declan would love these!
In this room, there were oil paintings of all of the King(s) Kamehameha(s), and some of their possessions.

It was a neat stroll through but the kids were all, whatever..
We left our mark in the guest book, headed to the gift shop,

and out to jump start a car.

It was time for dinner, time to finalize, for at midnight we were to fly home...
If you ever find yourself on the Island of Oahu. We would highly recommend this place for a few hours. It was great.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

You were right... your friend Declan did like them :-)

Jessica said...

That is a creepy statue. I would not like coming down your driveway in the dark to find it greeting me!

Rosemarie said...

Your trip looks amazing. Glad you are home safe. Hope to see you soon.