Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beach bums

The greatest joy here, in Hawaii, is hands down, the beach.

It's breath taking.
Not much more to say.

It's the damn beach in Hawaii.

 It kind of sells itself!

And we love going to the damn beach.


Stephanie said...

I hope Jean doesn't cry.

Just teasin', Jean!! :)

It's just beautiful, K.
I'm so, so glad you're having a wonderful time, and gorgeous weather!
Kick some warm sand for me, won't you?

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I'm not crying, and I am truly happy for you all... but I am so beyond envious of you right now!
Those beaches look like a dream. Ooh, maybe I'll dream of being there tonight. I've gotta go to bed now!

mamak said...

and I'll have a local brew for ya!
Jean, you in my heart here every day!

Jessica said...

I'll do the crying for us left behind in the cold with more snow and more snow on the way! I long for just one hour of being you........

Rosemarie said...

Your trip looks absolutley amazing!