Monday, January 10, 2011


This tree is important to me.

She may look like your average decent shade tree.
But she is special.


Her roots are buried deep in my heart.

I stop by and say, "Hi, I adore you."

Every time I come.
My children revel in her magic.

And now love her,

and care about her as much as I.
I hope she lives 1,000 years.


Jessica said...

touching. we feel that way about a giant pine tree at our community farm. It is the home to dozens of monk parakeets. We were planning on riding by today to see if they are nesting or if they have flown south. Enjoy your tree and the rest of your time.

mamak said...

Every one should have a special friend like that.
The monks should be there! They usually over winter in their elaborate nests. I used to have one. They are neat birds, and their beaks are powerful and hurt a lot!