Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 In pictures!
We had guests, Waldorf Julie and Co. and a big dinner with a lot of family, and all the fixin's, and instead of just a day it was an entire week, and there were good beers, lots!, and wii, and guns, and babies, and just a lot of stuff that we are so grateful for.

 And it was all so good! Over the next few days we were tired of cooking and eating turkey, so we hit our favorite Indian spot. Nothing refreshes the palate quicker than a mango lasse!


Jessica said...

A-mazing. The great thing about you is that those who call you friend KNOW that they are blessed to do so. Now I know why you were cooking up a frenzy! Fun times!

Stephanie said...

Pup-on-the-leash in the hay bin reminds me of Madd taking Annabelle for walks around the house on her leash. :)
Poor thing. (Annabelle, that is.)

So glad you had a loving and lovey holiday!!


Andrea said...

It looks like it was a wonderful holiday for all of you! I love the chalkboard drawing, and the guns!