Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting the Natives, again

We have gone a few places over the years to learn about the Native American's who inhabited Connecticut long before we did. It's always interesting, and we usually pick up a new fact, or get to try something we never have before.
Marlin's Brownie troop took a trip to New Pond Farm to learn a bit more about this culture. So like a well organized homeschool troop, they set up a group for the siblings.
The inside bit was just a telling of facts, and we passed around some artifacts. A rake made of antler, a shovel of scapula, and a turtle shell instrument.
 Then we trekked out for the good stuff.

We hiked a short walk to the village.

Ev tended a fire.

Kaya ground corn.

They learned how to scrape and soften white tail hides.

It was great to see the hair fall off as you scraped it with a bone.

And then we sat around the fire and ate corn bread, sweetened with a few good drops of maple syrup.

Another good day in the woods, running around and learning.


varunner said...

That looks like fun! :-)

Andrea said...

Great adventure! Looks like lots of interesting stuff there.