Monday, December 6, 2010

Journey to the chosen one.

We set out to get our tree on a pretty great warm day last week. It was the earliest we have ever gotten a tree. But we are leaving for Hawaii ( oh yes!)  4 days after Christmas, so it will need to come down right after,  we needed to make up for the loss of days this year.
 Off we trekked!

 All eyes wide open for a grand tree of perfection.
 It always happens that we spy our tree, the very tree we will eventually pick as the one moments after arriving. We always do. Still we want to just look over there,
 and down over here,
 and maybe way down over in that corner.
 We were stuck between two trees. The boys, Addy and I wanted the very first tree that we saw, way back over there. Marlin wanted a very fat tree, the one on the other side, up there.
 Ev was weepy and really wanting the original tree. So we did what any sane person would do? We bought her off. Yep, 5 bucks solved that unnecessary drama!

 Ev was feeling very five, and so little. He felt like he never gets to do anything.
 So we gave him the job of tree cutter 2010.
Our tree is chubby and misshapen. It sticks out a little on the left. It's pretty perfect.
We chose it.


Andrea said...

I love trees with character! The more unusual, the better. Looks like it was a great adventure. Oh, and Hawaii????

Heart Rockin Mama said...

If I hide in your suitcase I can go to Hawaii AND skip the TSA crap! Take me with you. Please?

Jessica said...

beautiful tree. I am envious. I put up our 30 year old Charlie Brown Tree today....just.for.Lilah.

Stephanie said...

I'm hitchin' too.
Maybe the other three will come too.
But I'll still come even if they can't.

Ours is comically uneven his year. The trunk turns left then right then left then right then left again. We had a helluva time settin' it straight in the stand. :)

Shel said...

Seems like it must be the year of the "tree with charm"! Dave cut ours crooked, what with it being his first time ever cutting a Christmas tree and all, and it too leans in the stand. It's short and fat and crooked and we love it!