Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Man, we love Halloween around here.
Adore it even.
 Love the spooky haunted hikes weeks before,


We love celebrating it Birthday style the day before.
We love sitting around telling spooky stories.
Love getting ready for the day by carving pumpkins,
and ending up with three awesome specially picked creations!


and Evren's.
I love being with our friends, eating, playing, and the mad dash to get ready.
I love milling about out on a chilly magical night while my kids and their friends run from house,

 to house.

 I love when they stop randomly to inspect their loot.
I love watching the tractor loads of kids

going by.
I love looking at the cool decorations on the houses,
and I love making my kids pose in front of one.
I love seeing a mini horse walk down the street as part of someone's costume,
 and loved being able to pat it.
I love going to the nearby farm to see 87 magical glowing gourds.

I love coming home, and eating too much chocolate, staying up too late watching spooky shows with our pumpkins lit nearby.
Aren't they just so cool?
I love watching them wake up the next morning to start trading their least favorites for breakfast.

I just love it.


Shel said...

What a fun Halloween! I know my parents enjoyed seeing your group of trick-or-treaters yesterday! Happy Halloween and Happy November!

Andrea said...

I love the doll with the missing head, and all of the carved pumpkins! Wow, a horse as part of a costume? We didn't have anything like that. So much fun. And I had candy with my coffee this morning.