Monday, November 15, 2010

Falling behind

and trying to catch up! It's the story of my life. We have been keeping busy just by living, and that creates so much, well, busy-ness.

 Anyway, here is a little smaterings of the things we did, or at least the ones stored on various image capturing devices...
Ev has been loving sitting with me and coloring, or me reading to him, or him trying his hand at printing.

He is so cute, with a big smile as he is showing me his mad skills.
Another cutie.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by three of them! Four, if you count my other boy..
A breakfast play date.
We really liked getting over to our friend's house just in time for a pancake and sausage breakfast.

That was awesome.
Marlin tried very hard to find her good friend's baby guinea pigs a home.

I love when she makes posters and flyers. She puts her heart into them and they always turn out fantastic.
I have no idea what these guys were working on, as it was that long ago.

But whatever it was, it was swell. I know that because I took a picture to show you how swell it was.

s w e l l.
Horse dentist visit.

My horse is weirdly into it...
Barnes and Noble star wars event.

I thought Kaya would love it, but he thought it was lame. So we bought yummy compensatory snacks from the Starbucks there, and all was right.
Chillin' with Hexagons,

Making cool designs.

A cookie booth sales for Brownies.


 I can't wait to show you what they made.
Skyping family in Turkiye.

Which resulted in Marlin wanting to do Rosetta Stone Turkish for an hour.

Playing card games with Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma.

Boffer battles!

Kids tried a new to them cuisine, Spanish Tapas.

It was a hit.
Checked on the bees,

and trying to rig up their hive so they can make it through the winter.
Had some excitement here tonight at Odie's expense.
Coyotes have been coming around at dusk, trying to pick off our little dog. I knew something has been lurking as the little dog would stare off into the woods and wag, expecting a guest to play... and a little bit later Odie would be deep in the woods barking his heart out. I have been successfully keeping Odie in at night as he is always challenging the coyotes, and they are plentiful this year. They have been traveling in packs 3 - 4 dogs big.
 That many, and Odie would not have much of a chance.
I went out to get him in tonight and he was in the woods and going nuts. I heard a big growl and a lot of brush movement. At first I thought it was a bear. It was a deep growl and did not sound very canine like. Soon after Odie  and a coyote were fighting in the river and a bit in the yard.
The coyote hid under a dock by the creek, and we got Odie a few moments later. We knew his face was hurt, as we saw all the blood.

Not pretty.
But fear not, just a few puncture wounds that hit a vein. He is doing well and on antibiotics. Tomorrow he gets an updated rabies shot to be sure.
The coyote took off into the woods 10 minutes later. I have no idea what shape he is in.
I need to keep on my toes about the little dog.
They are onto him.
The kids were awesome, ready to head into the office to stitch the dog up. Turns out we just need to stem the bleeding, and some copious peroxide. We had meds on hand, luckily.
Nobody freaked.
They were concerned, but calm.
I was proud.
So, I dunno? I don't think we do enough to keep the kids stimulated. Not enough exposure to diverse topics, or rich experiences. I think a school would be a better place for them to learn properly.
What do you think?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yale's Museum of British Art

Decided to check this place out on Addy's last half day.

There is quite a lot there to see.

Umm, and it's free...
We even got to enjoy construction from a different angle.

 Discovered that they wore some funny pants back then, there, over the pond.

My kids loved that.
 Plus, there a wicked good cupcake joint right next door.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My girl

One girl,

a busy girl,

a helpful girl,

 and a kind and caring girl.
Helps us ready for a warm house this very cold winter.

And we love her for all that she is.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Man, we love Halloween around here.
Adore it even.
 Love the spooky haunted hikes weeks before,


We love celebrating it Birthday style the day before.
We love sitting around telling spooky stories.
Love getting ready for the day by carving pumpkins,
and ending up with three awesome specially picked creations!


and Evren's.
I love being with our friends, eating, playing, and the mad dash to get ready.
I love milling about out on a chilly magical night while my kids and their friends run from house,

 to house.

 I love when they stop randomly to inspect their loot.
I love watching the tractor loads of kids

going by.
I love looking at the cool decorations on the houses,
and I love making my kids pose in front of one.
I love seeing a mini horse walk down the street as part of someone's costume,
 and loved being able to pat it.
I love going to the nearby farm to see 87 magical glowing gourds.

I love coming home, and eating too much chocolate, staying up too late watching spooky shows with our pumpkins lit nearby.
Aren't they just so cool?
I love watching them wake up the next morning to start trading their least favorites for breakfast.

I just love it.