Friday, October 8, 2010

Science was in the air

Raining, windy, housebound. It inspired some weather based experimentation. So we busted out one of our science kits, that had a few rather cool stuff to do and make.

 The first thing we made was a wind directional thing.  A weather vane? I do not know if it has a more proper term...
So we used straws and cut up an index cards to make the main part.

We made the base by sticking a nail in the eraser of a pencil, and making a base out of play dough, so it would stand unassisted. Then we perched the straw on the nail. We brought it outside, but of course the wind had stopped.

So we brought it back in and blew like crazy at it. The kids would giggle every time it pointed to the one who blew at it. They tried hard to trick it, but they always got caught.

Fun stuff.
Next, we made a thermometer of sorts. We took a bottle and filled it with colored water.

Then we stuck in a straw and sealed the top around with more play dough. Next we put the whole bottle in a bowl of hot tap water, to see what would happen.

Well, what happened was that the heat from the bowl of water made the water in the straw raise above the water level of the bottle. So like a thermometer, heat made it rise. So of course we had to immerse it into icy cold water to watch it reverse.

And it did. And that led to 45 minutes worth of thermometer play.

and play

and play

 and well,

I think you get it. Next we decided to make a barometer.

We took a balloon, cut the neck off, and stretched it over a jar. Then we taped a straw in the middle and put paper behind with a few marks. Depending on the air pressure, the straw will tip up or down, giving a clue on if rain or sun is in store.
But no one seemed done yet, so I took out a compass and we tried to figure out directions,

and we spilled water on the table and used a straw to be a wind blowing in different directions,

 AND we built a rain catcher to see how much rain we could collect in a six hour window.

 But then of course, the rain stopped. So we did what anyone would do. We made cookies!

The end.


Stephanie said...

Raining and cool here, too...
a day of science sounds marvelous!
But today we're (I think) going to see Nanny McPhee 2, so maybe tomorrow?

I love science at Frog Creek. And my house, too! :)

Kim Hosey said...

Looks like a fantastic day!