Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ren faire

 When we heard that there was a group buy on admission to the localish Renaissance faire "School" day, we were in!
 We had such a great time last year. This year was even better because there wasn't a big crowd to contend with. Although some of the venues were missing, the ones that were there were great.
We arrived just in time for the parade.

We loved seeing all the different characters, and it gave a great overall view of what was going on in here.

Then Evren got invited to a knighting ceremony, and he practiced what he would need to say:

I am Brave, and I serve the King and Queen.

Then Kaya decided to fight a knight.
He loved this!

And he was a force to be reckoned with.

 Then we ate our lunch with two goofy "spies",

who taught us the basic rules of espionage.

After the show finished, a bunch of the kids in our group wanted to try out archery, so we slowly wandered over in that direction. Along the way, a nice man was letting the kids stamp a piece of leather and keep their piece as a souvenir. Ev was off getting knighted with his friend, you can see that picture here,  Marlin made a wolf, and Kaya chose a snake.

 They loved working with the leather and so I am going to see if I can arange a class, as the man is not too far from us.
The kids had fun shooting the arrows,

but it was really hard for them to pull the bow string back.

They were both really wanting to try it out, so we can check that off the list, and try again in a few years!
Right across from the archery spot was a cool show. It involved twirling high in the air on silks, see picture here, fire,

chainsaw juggling,

climbing a free standing ladder.

And a petite woman in full backbend, supporting her not so tiny husband on her belly.

It was awesome.
Time was getting short, and the kids were getting tired, and fingers were getting numb, and rain was coming in the near future. So for our very last show, we decided on Blogg, one of the singing executioners. He sang parodies, and told some interesting history.

It was funny, but not the same with out his side kick Smee (sp?)
It was a good day, and we were really glad to be out in the autumn with some of our dearest friends.

And who could beat that?


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

We missed Smee when we went too.

Jessica said...

This is a great post. How cool is it that you can link to two other posts to get a big picture of how much fun we had! I can't wait to do another big field trip somewhere. Let's talk about planning one......