Thursday, October 14, 2010


Wow, it's easy to keep saying, ah, I'll blog tomorrow.
Real easy.
So I figured I 'll just show you why we have been so busy. The weather has been absolutely spectacular. I am now a big fan of fall.
Big fan.
 But today is raw, cloudy and damp. So you get a post, finally.
We have been getting dirty,

and climbing.

Creating delish



And homemade apple cider shaved ice!
Pottery class.

Fattening up the horses,

and the chickens,

for the slowly but surely approaching winter.

The kids as well!


and riding.


in the sun warmed dirt.

And some more riding. standing..

Playing with friends,

and baking with friends,

and carving pumpkins with friends.
We love friends!
And lighted pumpkins...

Thanks, guys!

There has been Checkers,

and sitting in the dirt with a dog named Zoe.

 Hmm, oh, and the wildly popular,

smashing rocks.
Art room busying

 Oh, and snuggling kinda babyish chickens named peep.

I think that's all.
Yeah, for now, it's good.
 See you in a few days, if it rains.


Stephanie said...

so, so sososo delicious.

'specially the dirty, grimy parts.

here's to at least a couple more weeks of the same!!

Ruralmama said...

I love those pictures! Your kids look so involved in their lives! I would be terrified to stand on the back of a horse!

I nominated you for a bloggy award. If you want to pick it up, you can find it here:

denise said...

Sooooo much fun! We've been busy too, and I find myself with lots of labeled folders on my desktop to blog about, but then just no time to do it. LIfe is full! :)