Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last week of September.

We have been laying low, easing into the now distant light of summer. Trying hard to squeeze the last bit of lemon out of the fading summer sun.
Embracing the harvest moon.
So not much to say about anything. Just really hanging out and being. Those are the days I like best anyhow.
Last bit of toady love

before they go,

into the sleepiness.
Adding more fuel to his fire.

Gonna miss those popsicle tongues.

Or as he says, popiscles.



and illustrations of last nights dream, so he would not forget.

 Final nakedwetkitchenfloor sliding of the season.

The graveyard walks begin.

Poking around the pond.

Painting pumpkins.

Finding random large alligator toy in a tree while walking in the woods,

and unpictured, going to a CT black bear talk with friends, and planning a halloween party.
It's been pretty ok.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Declan will be so jealous!!!
What kind of shark is that from?

mamak said...

a black tip!

Jessica said...

Such a great homage to summer and a fine way to begin my favorite season -- Fall!

In case you don't see my reply to your last comment.....I am printing that comment and hanging it on my fridge. It is beautiful and I wish I could express how very much it means to me. It was just what I needed to hear. Thank you.