Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family of three for a day

Both Marlin and Kaya headed out for a sleepover last week, and that left Ev as an only child. He wasn't sad, he LOVED it. We decided to head into the city and see what would happen. We walked along the street,
 stopped into some really cool shops with the most interesting items.

After all of our lazy,  I love you my only small boy, milling about, we decided that we were so hungry. We decided on noodles, I mean Thai.

 After a peanuty soy filled dinner, we headed back out to the street to wander about some more. We ended up around Yale's campus

and got to see the beautiful architecture around us.

The weather was mild with a warmish breeze.

 It was a lovely eve to be out walking.
After running off our dinner,

we headed out to the store to get our only boy of the night a special toy. You know,  just cause. He chose a very loud, pretend weed wacker, which he proudly uses as a weapon. Think face eraser.
We headed home and snuggled in bed and fell fast a sleep with the T.V on.
The next morning brought adventure. The littlest, cutest, bird got in through an open door.

 We captured it in a minnow net.
I was wondering aloud what kind of bird it was.

Ev told me, "Oh, I know this bird, it is a yellow mohawk bird from Pennsylvania!
 I really could not argue.
He held it in his warm chubby fingers for a second,

and we put it out on the deck to recover.
It sat there a minute, and we got a good close look at it's delicate beautiful details.

We left it be and when we checked back it was up on the roof. It chirped and flew off.

It was magical.

Ev took off scrambling, towards his room. In a flash he was out with a book in hand.

It was a perfect story to finish our morning.
Days like these are far and few in between. Those stolen moments spent together rekindles another promise to try and have more alone time with each of the kids.
They really shine bright when you focus on them alone.

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Stephanie said...

Yes they do.
You get to fall in love all over again.