Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Sandwich, MA. Glass Museum.

We decided to stop at the Sandwich Glass Museum. It looked like it would be an interesting stop, and it was on our way home.
We were really wanting to see glass being blown. We arrived just as a presentation was in progress, and although it was pretty neat, they just pressed glass.

 One day, somewhere, we will witness glass blowing. Mark my words!
Anyway, they had a neat scavenger hunt for the kids to find certain pieces of glass. There were a lot they had to look for!
 And they were really into it.
There were neat robotic and hologram type recreations of the history of the people, and glass factories in this area.

There was a really cool film about the history of the time in America when this glass was being produced in this region of Massachusetts. During parts of the film, these human sized animated folks would come out an give you their personal stories. It was really well done. I really did not take many photos of this place. I just plain forgot. I was really interested in walking around and looking at all the neat collections.
The kids really enjoyed this museum as well. I was surprised at how long they lasted and wanted to stay. Best part was this place was super affordable. Honestly, they could have charged more and I would have said it was totally worth it.
 One of the most mind blowing part for all of us, was the Josh Simpson gallery. It is amazing what this artist could do with glass.
His pieces looked other worldly.

And from different angles it appeared that you were snorkeling, or at the very least, gazing into a crystal clear pool, seeing creatures and pure beauty suspended in the different layers.

It was awesome.
At the end, the kids went to the front desk to tell them that they had mostly finished the scavenger hunt. There were a few items we just couldn't find.
As for their "prize" for participating, each kid got a little bag with three glass marbles.
They were thrilled. And really it was too much for Kaya, because that is what he was eyeing up a the gift store. I wish I had on camera how big his eyes opened wen she handed them to him.
If you are ever in the area, this is a really great way to spend an hour or more. Who knew that glass was so cool?


Heart Rockin Mama said...

We saw glass blowing when we were in Germany. It was very cool.
(na na na na naa na!)

mamak said...

alright now, ms.jerkypants..

Jessica said...

Hey. Thanks for the book recommendations. I am ordering them tomorrow.

I was given a "blog award". I am passing it on to you.

mamak said...

Aww Thanks, Jess!